My Clients Rock

DSC09870Im not just saying that because they pay my bills. Im not just saying that because they help feed my 6 year old son and I. I’m saying it because it’s the truth. Somehow along the way I made a pact with myself. Cool people only. By cool I mean genuine, good natured and sweet. Real and true salt of the earth people. That’s my clients.

Early on in my career I worked with another photographer to help hone my skills. I also offered free shoots to build my portfolio as most photographers do. These were invaluable lessons. I learned that first of all never do anything for free (Even if it means charging 20 dollars for a day of work). Oddly you get the most demanding and unappreciative clients when you work for nothing. Secondly I learned to not take on just any client that comes along. Sometimes I am just not the right fit for a client but I know someone whose personality and style would groove perfectly with them so I always refer in that case.

Not everyone needs to appreciate what I do. Not everyone needs to like my style of shooting or appreciate the value of having precious photographic keepsakes. I get that. I won’t sell it to anyone who doesn’t want it or for a second try to convince them otherwise. Luckily I have found amazing people in our community and outside who get what I do. They get the way I do it. I don’t just want to shoot your wedding day. I want to be a positive part of it. I don’t just want to shoot your kid’s mini session, I want to be someone your child looks forward to seeing for sessions and asks to carry them between shots.

In my job and at a wedding for a day I’m in the family. Im a part of it all. And I love it. Somehow I seem to attract the sweetest clients on earth. Not sure exactly how I do it but I continue to be in awe of it all. The love, the sweetness and the beauty of this job of mine and the beautiful people it introduces me to is something I am forever grateful for. Kind people. Full of grace, gratitude and kindness. Im such a lucky girl and as usual can only say to you wonderful people(you know who you are) Thank YOU.




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