Kingston Wedding Expert Interview Series: Bridal Creations & Murano’s Formalwear

Picking out THE perfect dress should be an amazing, exciting and fun experience.  Stephen Murano, owner of Bridal Creations and Murano’s Formalwear has helped countless brides achieve just that. I have known Stephen for several years now and a story he told me about playing in the Bridal Creations back office as a child, sticks in my mind.  He grew up immersed in the family business.  Training in all things wedding began early.  Stephen is a true expert in his field. I am so happy to have had the chance to interview Stephen and I can say first hand that shopping at Bridal Creations (where I found my own wedding dress) is a wonderful experience. The atmosphere is luxe and you’re pampered by the terrific team.


  • What are some of the advantages of going with a local boutique for wedding attire?

    A local boutique will always go that extra mile for you. With having a small business our goal is to give the customer the total bridal experience and not just a simple sale. We become friends with our clients and it’s a rewarding aspect for both sides as we gain a customer for life. Another big reason is that we local boutiques understand that business is all about referrals and word of mouth, so simply put if we do our job and treat you as well as you deserve than you will be helping us find our next client!20160120-112133
  • What advice do you give to a bride and groom if they aren’t sure what style of clothing they should go with?

    Be open to suggestions. We always like for a bride to have a style or shape of dress in mind when visiting us however we do like to be able to give expert advice or potentially alternate looks to showcase. If for nothing else, showing different options will help determine “the one”.20160120-111328
  • Who should the bride bring with her while she is dress shopping?

    This is definitely not a standard answer as each group should be different depending on the bride and the personalities of her group. Bringing mom, maid of honor and bridesmaids (some if not all) is very common and it makes for a fun experience in most cases, however it’s crucial for the bride that she is given honest feedback from her group. (for example sometimes we run into the “too-positive-mom” character, and they are the sweetest people, however they love every single dress the bride tries on and doesn’t help in the overall decision when it comes down to narrowing options). More often than in years past we are seeing brides come in alone or with just one other person and make an easy decision finding the dress. Truthfully this is a grey area and it all depends on the bride and the type of support she needs.20160120-112328
  • What are the Wedding dress trends you are seeing a lot of this year?

    The main style we are most frequently asked from brides walking into an appointment is for “fit and flare” or “mermaid” style dresses. Designers have done a great job of making these fitted styles more comfortable and versatile than years past where lack of mobility in the dress was a complaint. Empire and A-Line dresses are still strong for us and continually being looked at by our clients and tried on. The main change going forward is the stronger implement of satin dresses and less lace going forward as designers push for trends to change.20160120-111345
  • How much time does a bride need to order a dress in and have it ready for the wedding?

    Most designers take a maximum of 6 months to arrive and it’s always great to have at least 2-3 months for alteration fittings to ensure a perfect dress. However, if it’s possible to give yourself a full year, it will be more of a relaxed process, given that you will be in no rush or stress and time is on your side to make any changes if they come up.
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you get into the wedding boutique business and what is your favorite part about your job?

    I’m not sure if there’s anything about myself worth highlighting, however I am a pretty lucky person to have a business like this at a young age and be able to help so many people yearly with their special days. When my mother Pina Murano, the original owner, got diagnosed with cancer a second time, i decided to leave school a year early and come and help run the business and as her health declined I took more and more of a role running the business. It’s a very rewarding type of work, my favorite aspect of this job to be honest is sitting down with a couple and giving them as much free vital advice for them going forward as I possibly can. I always say I am the best “free wedding planner” out there. I love to help people and it’s a pleasure seeing so many happy married couples out there we had the pleasure to work with.20160120-113604
  • What should a bride look for when selecting a bridal boutique to work with?

    Our first objective when a bride comes to our store is not just to find her a dress, but to show her that we can be trusted and we want to go the extra mile for her. Once she realizes that we will do our best to make her as happy as possible and the perfect atmosphere is established, then the dress selection will be easier than they thought. Being a big store having much stock as we fortunately do, we have a style of dress and a price point to match for every bride. But as I learned many years ago from my family “Price is only an objection in the absence of value”. Our small bridal boutiques will always go the extra mile and give brides a service that will never be matched. It’s the reason we have been successful for over 21 years and counting!!!!

    Always so fun to talk to Stephen and he really is a wealth of knowledge on the subject of local weddings. Always humble and ready to help he is a joy to work with.

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