Kingston Wedding Expert Interview Series: Your Wedding Flowers

It’s Valentine’s Weekend! The busiest time of year for florists including Kingston’s own Sage Flowers. Many thanks to Jen for taking the time to answer these questions for local brides interested in finding the right florist or possibly doing it themselves.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you decide to become a florist?

I went back to school for a Horticulture diploma in my late 20s- one of my elective courses was an intro to floral design. I started a landscaping and gardening apprenticeship after graduation… but when I got a part time job at a local flower shop for the Christmas holidays, I was hooked!


What should brides ask florists before booking a florist?

I would say first things first, do some online snooping and see if our style looks like a good fit for your day! Obviously, availability for your wedding date is the make or break question. If you have particular flowers in mind, ask about availability for those (if your first choice is out of season, we can always suggest some ringers.)  If you and your spouse-to-be have a budget in mind, don’t be shy. Let us know what works best for your budget and we can suggest premium blooms or cost-saving ideas to fit. You can ask about rentals (event glass, arches) as well as delivery and setup services. If you love DIY, you can ask about market bunches (bunches for you to arrange yourself) , or having the florist fill your own glassware or containers that you have decorated. The internet- particularly Pinterest- has changed things so much from back when I got married in the early 2000s and I walked from shop to shop looking at photo albums and price books, haha. People tend to have images in mind before we meet for an initial consultation. It’s more acceptable to talk about budgets right from the start as well, (when I got married, it was the last thing discussed)  which gets everyone on the same page right away, and saves a lot of time and headaches.DSC07608-1

What trends are you seeing a lot of this wedding season in florals?

King’s tables- long tables withguests seated both sides, instead of round tables. This is leading to different centrepiece configurations, garlands and runners down the centre of the table, etc.

Rose gold, mercury glass and subtle metallics have arrived in Kingston 🙂

Vintage and rustic looks are still going strong, and everything is blending together nicely.

For bouquet shapes, I’m seeing a 50-50 split between couples who love the rounded, ruffly shapes in a more compact  bouquet, and couples looking for an organic, wildflower look. I’m getting requests for ‘messy, spilly’, asymmetrical bouquets, but so far we’re still rocking the hand tied stems (as opposed to flowers arranged in a foam bouquet holder for the traditional cascade shape)DSC07612-1

What is your favorite flower for wedding bouquets and why?

I love to include roses and spray roses! (Only when the couple likes them, obviously) I may be in the minority here, haha. You just can’t beat roses for colour and romance, and they are super tough compared to many popular wedding flowers.

Is there any advice you can give DIY’ers?

Practice first. Time everything so you know exactly what you’re getting in to, and keep notes on how many flowers/how much foliage you use so you know how much to order. Ooh, always order extra leaves (or have a good gardener friend who will let you go on a raid) Get helpers! Lots of helpers. Make sure you have buckets for the flowers, and a cool place to store everything, and boxes and packaging to transport everything. Pick and choose the projects you decide to take on, and outsource anything too time consuming, so it stays fun and doesn’t become stressful. And always always remember: PUT THE FLOWERS DOWN BEFORE YOU GET YOUR MANICURE. You don’t want green fingernails on your wedding day. Trust me!

DSC07615-1What is your favorite part about being a florist?

Honestly, my favourite part is also the part that causes me the most anxiety- I love the ephemeral nature of flowers.  I love taking something so temporary and turning it into such a meaningful part of a meaningful day. The daily dose of beautiful colour and fragrance doesn’t hurt either.


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