Lets Get Gritty in 2016

3 Practical Ways to Get Your Grit on


I saw an amazing talk by Angela Lee-Duckworth not that long ago and it inspired me to build up my grit. A new year is upon us  and that old desire to change and grow is surfacing within most. Here are three ways to focus on how to build grit.


1)Take the challenge and make it compelling:

You must set goals or resolve to make change happen in your life to see any growth and be clear about what you want. If you don’t set goals for yourself now you will not find yourself in a magically better situation later. If your goals are hazy so will be your results. You can’t build a muscle without using it and you cannot build grit without pushing yourself in some way towards something of true meaning to you. So set a goal today. Not because it’s the first day of January but because that’s who you are or genuinely want to become. To achieve your goal, you must be a gritty, tenacious and dedicated person. Make that goal compelling. Let passion be your guide and then build that passion to a fever pitch. I say build because that is what must happen. Like an ember is tended to and built upon before it becomes a roaring fire, you must find that which ignites you and then focus intently upon it.


2)Failure is a yield sign, not a stop sign:

Thomas Edison is attributed with the quote “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Be grateful for failures as they give us the ability to course-correct. Resilience is the persistence to push on in the face of set-backs.  Success can only come by accepting risk and embracing challenge and the possibility of failure.  If the idea of failing is daunting, just do as Edison did and refuse to see anything as failure again but rather a crucial part of your journey to success and nothing more. Thinking of set-backs in this way is called having a “growth mindset”. It’s the ability to see that even in the darkest hour something can be learned and growth still achieved. It’s the idea that failure is not a permanent condition.


3)Get back-up

While there is conflicting data on whether or not it is a good idea to share goals with others it is definitely a great help to surround yourself with those with grit themselves. I can say that I have seen the advantage of having a support system around first hand. Along my path, my husband has been there with me. He has supported and listened to me while I complained about running my own business, and also when I’ve been discouraged chasing health goals. His empathy, steadfast support, and cheering me on has been an immense help in getting me through tough times. There have been many instances when I’ve felt like giving up on so many things, and he was there to keep me afloat. Find your own cheerleader. Having even just a single truly supportive person, with whom you can share your journey to your dreams, can make all the difference.

Go do it!

Hopefully these ideas will help you to become the grittiest animal on earth, tearing down limitations to become the person you intend to be this year. Get out there and live the life you want to live. Don’t stay comfortable. For added motivation check out Angela’s TED Talk.  I hope you all stay hungry in your pursuit of growth.


See Angela’s TED Talk HERE


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