Kingston Ontario Engagement Shoot-Peter & Tammy

Mom truly does know best.

Before Peter and Tammy met, Peter first met Tammy’s mom. He left such a good impression that she was soon telling Tammy all about him. But, when Tammy and Peter finally met, it was by coincidence, attending a wedding.

Now that I’ve had the privilege of spending time with these two fun, easy going and sweet people, I have to say that mom really had the right idea. Tammy and Peter could not be more perfectly suited for each other, or more in love.

Peter adores Tammy, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does she have the most beautiful and stunning eyes ever, she has the kindest heart and an absolutely radiant soul…a perfect match for a true gentleman like Peter, who not only won Tammy’s heart, but her whole family too.

Their romance was definitely in the air as we walked through lake Ontario park and also shot in downtown Kingston in Springer Square. Walking by lake Ontario they told me about how Peter had proposed to Tammy in the Bahama’s with their feet in the ocean (swoon!!!).

I could not be more privileged or excited to be shooting this amazing pair’s wedding. I will be counting the hours until then, and as I told them my finger will be very trigger happy for the big event 😀

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