Kingston, Ontario Engagement Shoot~Jo & Brad

When a bride-to-be cries happy tears twice during an engagement shoot the joy is tremendously infectious. Jo and Brad met online and then had their first date at Starbucks. They fell in love and eventually that love created one of the cutest little gingers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His name is fittingly Benny.

Jo and Brad share a love of things vintage and coca-cola so our shoot had that theme in mind. We started the beautiful, sunny spring morning with Benny at a park the family frequents. Seeing these three together and the happiness they have found is like looking at a perfectly fitting puzzle. All the pieces for joy are present. We then went on to the Star Diner in downtown Kingston where we were welcomed so kindly by owner Ida Mae. The perfect backdrop for all things fifties era inspired. Jo and Brad enjoyed cokes from vintage bottles, holding hands and snuggles. Jo felt the moment was perfect and even the songs playing were favorites of hers.

Then we headed out to Kingston’s City park to finish off our shoot with the couple in the lush greenery of spring. We had a lot of laughs and I learned some of the surprises to come on the big day (perks of being the photographer, no i wont tell you). Needless to say I am very excited for this adorable little family’s big day and I plan to bring plenty of kleenex. For me and the bride.

DSC00273 DSC00294 DSC00312 DSC00328 DSC00336DSC00331 DSC00341 DSC00375 DSC00407 DSC00420 DSC00409 DSC00433 DSC00449 DSC00445 DSC00461

4 thoughts on “Kingston, Ontario Engagement Shoot~Jo & Brad

  1. Thank you Jo for sharing these beautiful memories with us. You looked radiant! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures … God Bless you and your family.

  2. Awesome photos, Jo! You look very much in love and incredibly happy. I am so happy for you guys! Benny is getting so big too. All the best for the big day coming up! Xoxo Angela Bennett

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