A Classy Kids Party

Sorry I have been delinquent as of late in updating the blog. Jasper was sick and well life was doing that thing where it takes over and doesn’t leave you time for these nice little reflective things like blogging. So I’m going to give you the highlights of my last week or so! Well top of the list would have to be when a client sent me her payment but instead of paying me what I charged her  she paid me DOUBLE my rate and sent along a sweet note saying I “undercharge for my fine work”. Well I’m a happy crier so that got me going. The gesture just blew me away:)

I also want to leave you with a few pics of a birthday party. My friend Ashley is starting a new children s party business focused on themed birthdays with gorgeous decorations in Kingston. I’m always on the look out for a beautiful birthday solution for my little guy that doesn’t have to involve a certain Mouse in a certain “cheesy” ahem costume but that I don’t have to do a massive amount of cleanup for or cooking. I’m very excited to see more of Miss Ashley’s kid themed parties at Le Petit Cafe in future 🙂

DSC00060DSC00028 DSC00043  DSC00075  DSC00130 DSC00132 DSC00144DSC00181 DSC00013 DSC00014

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