On Best Laid Plans

This week I had a lot of editing to get to and as I have said before fast turn around time is something I really aim for. I even stayed up one day this week until 5am just editing so I could get pictures to my client that much sooner because I know that waiting isn’t fun. Unfortunately in today’s culture we live in a society that watches people do editing sped up and usually on super fast computers which gives people the idea that editing is a fast and quick en devour. In truth it really can be very fast just not necessarily done right. Things like removing objects and making composites takes time. Factor in the artistic side of the equation and it all adds up. Especially if your a perfectionist like me. I had given myself enough time to have all my edits from shoots earlier in the week done by yesterday early evening and scheduled my time just so. Then I got a phone call. The secretary from my sons school had called to tell me my son had fallen and hit his head. Of course as a mom you dread seeing the schools number on your phones screen because you just know it can’t be good. She said he had a large bump on his head and they wanted to notify me. She said he seemed fine but of course I had to see for myself so I instantly got my purse and keys and went out the door. Once there I saw the large red bump on my poor guys head and winced. The teachers aid said she heard the sound of his head hitting the concrete floor and it was terrible. He did really seem fine but I still wanted to be sure (which the aid and teacher totally understood) so I decided to take him to be checked down at the KGH. Many hours later he saw a doctor and relieved that my son was in good spirits and health I took him home. He is still doing great and his bump is healing right up. I’m so grateful it was all fine. Editing flew out the window when my babies health was in question. Fortunately I am all caught up now (or I would not be blogging!) I am so lucky that I always have wonderful clients that understand and never rush me. I rush myself. I think I may have to loosen up my expectations on myself for turn around in future. Life always has a way of telling you it doesn’t like schedules.

These shots are from my recent shoots that I love and leave you with. Hope your all having a wonderful day. xx

When Alex and Andrew met they both had dogs named Lily. How perfect is that? I like to call them Lily squared. I had so much fun on this shoot with them and their doggies and buddy Justin. We shot at Babcock mill in Odessa which is a gorgeous location and moved on to a private residence and hunting grounds. I got to ride in a “mule” with my own driver (thank goodness!!) and the lovebirds rode out on a three wheeler. Like I said it was FUN! We got to shoot in golden fields. The best part about it was that I got to visit this secluded spot where Alex and Andrew spent a lot of time together while falling in love. I love it when shoots are very personal to the couple and unique because every love story is just that. Special and unique and these two are no exception.










The next images are from a doggie shoot I did with a wonderful family. Susan and Fraser are truly wonderful people who take the time to give back to the community. I met Susan volunteering my services for the Kingston Humane Society. She is a wonderful woman who volunteers and adopts older animals. I had the joy of photographing her doggies in the past who have since passed away. These are her new adopted doggie’s Mr. Muggs and Lucky. They both have wonderful personalities. Lucky is quite the protector and is ready to face off any doggy who comes near his family but “luckily” he gets along great with Muggsy. It was such a lovely way to spend a morning. Their eyes just melt my heart!







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